Guerra Civil - 1981
Fim do Mundo - 1983
Piolho - 1985
Em Caso de Acidente... Quebre Este                          Disco!
Gloomland (1994)
Farawayers - 1996
Em Caso de Acidente... Quebre Este Disco (rerelease) - 2000
Technolorgy (2002 - reedition 2014) Pega Varetas (Mu Pu de Sbo) - 2003
No Pode Ser Vendido Separadamente - 2007
ROCK - 2011
Ainda - 2012 Ninguem Pediu - 2014
Technolorgy (2002 - reedition 2014)Trimbucomorfosaedro 2019

ACIDENTE, the Brazilian independent rock band with 14 releases (1978/2017)
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Welcome to the gate to a parallel universe of rock, an incredible factory of would-be hits that never happened to the big media. We are ACIDENTE, "the band that nobody knows but everyone already heard about it". Sometimes you may think that our whole story or part of it could only be a hoax, but believe: it's all true, spanning more than 3 decades and over 100 recorded tracks.


In an attempt to achieve an harmonic ensemble, we chose a domain with .AC extension. See how fair it is: ACIDENTE.AC. This relates to a remote point sometimes taken as what mythic Atlantis  could really be; Ascension Island, a small piece of British land in the middle of South Atlantic. 

As a matter of fact, no one in the band has ever been to this paradise - so far.

At the end, ACIDENTE and Ascension Island have one thing in common: the more you search about them, the more you want to know.

So why don't you start right now? This site contains music for your ears, real music that you ain't heard yet! A rare and excentric unfold treasure.

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ACIDENTE LIVE at Matria Prima
(Serginho Groisman's TV Show in

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Ninguem                          Pediu is the Acidente's newest re- release!

Estado Interessante
Gato de Loua
Zunga Ezzaet - Guitarradas (1 album                          solo)

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